Thursday, July 22, 2010

What a day!

What a day I had.... woke up way to early and it just got better from there (not so much!) In the spirit of 'being nice' I decided to make breakfast (french toast) only to notice we were outta milk and only a few eggs... no biggy we life 2 blocks from the store, so off I go! Get back home to cranky, hungry kids and a husband doing nothing (no big surprise there) start ameking breakfast with the kids under my feet and pulling on my cloths... good times! Feeling a little resentment toward the husband for not helping out while I make breakfast, I get done and he's yelling at our 5 year old for wanting to cut her own toast (with a fork) and wanting to pour her own syrup.... I went off! Call it PMS or being a B but I was DONE!!! I left the house to take a time out for myself and had great conversations with my best friend and brother. kinda let everything blow over and got ready for work (not looking forward to going)

As I got into work there was a not from my manager on the coputer screen asking me to call out district manager (sidenote: My manager is leaving to go back to OK leaving the manager position open, to which I had interviewed for last week... Only being with the company for only a few weeks I figured I had no chance) She needed to ask me a few more questions and told me that she would let me know in a day or so... time is ticking and we are running out of time! She called me back and told me that she had picked ME!!!! I am in total shock! WOO HOO!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My rant...

Why is it that I try to make everyone else around me happy when they wouldn't do the same for me? Am I being a total B in feeling like I never get time to myself to do the things I'd like to do? Or better yet, if I did get time to myself what would I do? look for things for my kids? Buy things for my kids? I understand the being a mom means that you cannot be selfish... and I don't mind doing those things, infact that's about all I do! I was recently asked "who I am?" and other then a mom, who am I? to be trufully honest, I don't know. So, where do I go from here?