Monday, July 28, 2014

Menu plan Monday

It's VBS this week!  So from 6 PM to 9 PM I will be kid-less.... The church feeds them dinner so it might be kind of fast meals this week for me and the hubs! We are also getting ready to leave for our 10 year anniversary and Vow renewal in Jamaica.... We leave on Saturday for Dallas-Fort Worth!

Sunday- chicken broccoli casserole
Monday- leftovers
Tuesday- stuffed bell peppers
Wednesday- zucchini pizza
Thursday- cheesy bacon chicken
Friday- steaks and veggies
Saturday- in Dallas/ out to eat!

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Breakfast scramble

OMG, I made the best breakfast thus morning, turkey breakfast scramble...

1 jenny o  frozen turkey burger
2 eggs
Mozzarella cheese
I Added a little bit of hot sauce

It was so good!!!

Low-carb chicken broccoli casserole

I think I am on a roll today.... I was looking for low-carb recipes on Pinterest, and after looking at many recipes I couldn't find one that I absolutely loved, so I kind of just mixed up my own thing! 

I cut/cubed up 2 chicken breast and tossed them in a skillet with alittle bit of Olive oil and grilled until almost cooked. Added garlic, and a chicken bullion cube. I added in half (4oz) cream cheese. And 1/2 cup of milk (almond milk). I mixed that all together and added in frozen broccoli, transferred all of that into a greased casserole dish. Cover and put in the oven (375) for about 30 minutes. Finally uncover, and cover with shredded mozzarella cheese, leave uncovered until cheese is bubbly and brown... So yummy! 


2 chicken breast
Olive oil 
Garlic to taste
1 chicken bullion cube
1/2 block (4oz) cream cheese 
1/2 cup milk (almond milk) 
Frozen broccoli (small bag) 
Mozzarella cheese (to top)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Super late meal plan....

Oh my gosh! I left the week get away from me and just forgot to post my Monday meal plan.... And come to think of it I'm not even sure I remember what we have done a week! Lol

Monday- season chicken, sweet orange peppers
Tuesday- tacos
Wednesday- tuna boats
Thursday- pork chops,  broccoli salad
Friday- parents night out!
Saturday- ribs, salad
Sunday- grilled fish

Keep in mind I am low carbing until we go to Jamaica in 10 days!!!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Shrimp scampi

Hi! Just wanted to share... Because I'm low carbing (Atkins) and love shrimp. 

I saw a pin on Pinterest, I didn't follow it exactly (didn't really measure anything)  but it turned out so good!!! 

This is what I did... Put a little bit of oil in your pan, get it hot and add shrimp.
Move shrimp around until shrimp turn pink, remove from heat and put in a bowl. 
In the same pan add about a half cup of butter, 2 tablespoons of minced garlic, 1 teaspoon of Italian seasoning and 1 teaspoon of parsley, cut and squeeze 1 half of a lemon, let simmer (but do not let the  garlic turn brown) add back in the shrimp and let sit in the butter for about 5 minutes. Serve and enjoy!!! 


1 pound of shrimp (peeled and de-vained)
Olive oil
2 tablespoon of garlic
1 teaspoon of parsley
1 teaspoon of Italian seasoning
1/2 lemon (squeezed)
1/2 cup of butter 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Late-night Monday meal plan!

Don't count me out just yet! It's been a busy weekend.... Check out what we are having this week for dinner, it's hubby's birthday, (I'm low carbing) and going to make ice cream in a bag!  I'll be sure to post when we do! 

Sunday- mesquite chicken, asparagus
Monday- steaks on the grill, jalapeƱo popper and cucumber salad
Tuesday- meatloaf, mashed potatos and corn
Wednesday- husbands birthday! Fajita bar
Thursday- BBQ chicken sandwiches 
Friday- leftover! ( find something good)
Saturday- fish and fries

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Monday, July 7, 2014

Summer camp!

First time in church camp, she was a little nervous to go because she's never been away from home for more then a sleepover! 

After a week at camp, she sure was tired and her kitty sure did miss her! 

Updates, updates and a few more updates

Since I last posted (sometime in May)  we have been kinda busy... Between camps and schoolwork at home, sick kids, Father's Day, tornadoes and everyday life... 

Just because we are out of school does not mean they don't have work to do!

Fun times fishing!

Little man lost his first tooth!

We had a great Father's Day! 

A small tornado! (everyone is fine) just lost the fence...

Had a sick kiddo... 

Fun times! 

Menu plan Monday

Wow, it has been a long time... Again!!!!! I am really wanting to revamp my blog... But in true Christi fashion, I always start with menus, y'all have to know what we are eating for supper... although this week is going to be kind of short because of our family reunion...

Monday- chicken quesadillas
Tuesday- sausage and potatoes
Wednesday- hamburgers and fries
Thursday- southwest chicken and rice
Friday- leaving for reunion (out to eat)
Saturday- barbecue with family
Sunday- headed home (something quick)

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