Thursday, October 14, 2010


I haven't really been saying much, sometimes I really wonder who is even paying attention? I see all these blogs that have 100's of followers and then there is little ol me with my 80 something followers (thanks by the way) I guess I'm alittle jelous and envious... I really would like to get into couponing and saving maney but feel like I'm TOTALLY out of the loop on how to do it, there are all these $ saving sites, and frugal living but I feel like it;s another language to me, I know I've aske before but how does everyone do it? How do you get started? I'm all about wanting to save money I mean I cloth diaper my son and now myself to save money, but other then that HOW????

On a more persoonal note, I'm still back in forth on what I wanna do with my life, kids, husband... Some days I want to quit my job and be a stay at home momma again because my husband is going back to work, somedays I wanna leave my husband and be a single mom, move back to Washington but I don't want to do that to my kids (my dad wasn't around, so I know how it feels)
I feel like I'm the problem.... I can't be happy no matter what I do!

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  1. Nah, don't get into all that review/giveaway/coupons stuff. Just between you and me...I think they're terribly boring, and I'm pretty sure their massive following is not there because it's interesting. They're there for what's in it for them...if you get what I'm saying.

    I get that feeling sometimes. Why do I even bother. I put so much time/effort/research into my posts, and sometimes...I just wonder.

    I didn't know your old blog, but this new one sure looks cute. There there, now....I'll be a follower..:-)

    PS. I dropped by from Mom Blog Monday