Tuesday, December 6, 2011

WOW, long time no posts...

I have been really bad about getting on here...  Let me just give some updates for a minute. I am still at the portrait studio but no longer the manager, instead I'm a bus driver and LOVE it. I'm home more with my family and off when my oldest is out of school. My husband has since been laid off from the base where he was civillian contracted because of budget cut backs. We had a great thanksgiving. We adopted a military family from our church (because that's what someone did for us in San Diego) and loved having them with us. We are getting ready for Christmas as normal and enjoying time as a family. I'm sure I'll get better about posting, and get back to the way things were but for now that's really all I got...

WAIT... one more thing

I am no longer a Scentsy consultant, not that anyone has really ordered from me... but I refused to work and sell for a company that does their consultants wrong.

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