Friday, June 22, 2012

Child training bible review and giveaway

I am lucky enough to get the chance to review and GIVEAWAY a Child Training Bible (CTB)!  It all started when a friend of mine "liked" the Child training bible on Facebook... I instantly was hooked! The Child Training Bible covers more than 20 topics including: disobedience, fear, fighting, defiance, lying and impatience. Each topic has eight or more Scripture references, some heart seeking questions (“Are you showing patience in this situation?”), some application questions and a simple prayer for help with this problem! I thought "that would be so great for my kids" I feel like it takes some of the disciplining off of me, and instead focuses them to the word! I explained kinda how it works to my 7 year old and she was very interested.

I must give my children a physical experience with the Holy Word of God.
They must see the Bible. Open the Bible. Become familiar with the text of the Bible.
Whenever there is a problem, I want to train my children to immediately run to the Lord, seek His Words, and allow His truth to saturate the situation.
Going to the Scripture chart on the fridge is…good. Using Scripture notecards in my pocket during the day is…good. Bible memorization is also very good.
Opening the very Word of God is…the best!
-Mindy Dunn, CTB Website

Here's what you need:

  • CTB chart with CTB Key , 3 Scripture Tabbing Charts (double-sided), Set of Instructions
  • Post it tabs you can purchase here or at any office supply store
  • highlighters you can purchase here, I used colored pencils
  • Bible you can purchase here, or check out yourlocal christian store or book store.

It didn't take long to set up, I just did a couple tabs at a time to break it up.


We LOVE it!!! I love that we can easily take the situation and turn the the scripure we need, and I love that my kids are learning from the bible instead of 'mommy said not too' now its because 'the bible said so!

Now to the best part! Would you like a CTB for your family? Thanks to Mindy at we are giving away a Child Training Bible Chart Set. Follow the rafflecopter instructions for a chance to win one of these kits!

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  1. This set would help ME, which in effect, helps them...mostly with remembering to go to God's Word for EVERYTHING! :)

  2. It would help us to incorporate the Bible more into our day to day lives.

  3. I really like how it helps point us to a specific verse to teach us about our actions/reactions/words, etc. It would help to mold us to be more Christ-like.

  4. My kids are just getting interested in more specific answers and this would be perfect!

  5. I have so been wanting one of these for my kiddos! My middle son has just officially asked Jesus into his heart and is enjoying studying scripture more lately. Thanks for this opportunity!

  6. I would love to have TRUTH at my fingertips so that I can find what I need before I let my frustration get the best of me!

  7. As first time parents my husband and I are so scared of going wrong. We know we need to trust the Lord in guiding our parenting. The CTB would be such a great tool for our daughter and future children to learn to trust Him as well as remind us daily.

  8. This would be an amazing tool to help give our boys a solid foundation in their Biblical training. I want them to be able to seek and find the answers within the Bible

  9. I am so excited to try this, to tie our training directly to God's Word.

  10. I am currently reviewing this item too - we love it! I would like to win the kit for a friend as a baby shower gift. Thank you for hosting the giveaway.
    God bless,
    Tracey Masters

  11. It is a wonderful tool to keep the Word right at our fingertips.

  12. I recently started hearing about this bible and have wanted to get my hands on one ever since! I think this would be so helpful for our family! We are trying to memorize verses with our little ones, but there are moments when I don't have the verse on the tip of my tongue or a training moment comes up that I don't have a memorized verse for! This would be a huge help! Thanks!

  13. Thank you for reviewing this and for offering the opportunity to win it. This would be perfect for my household! :)