Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Warning TMI...

Ok, so this may be WAY to personal but what the hay! Let me start by saying I have always had a weird and heavy flow. When I had Ashlyn I nursed her for a year and the day before her first birthday I got AF (aunt flow) back. After I had Eli and still nursing I got AF back just after his first birthday and boy is it bad!!! I never leaked so much in my life, even when I was just learning how to deal with it. I talked to a girlfriend of mine who is a super crunchy momma who is all about momma cloth (cloth pads), going green and is the one who got me into cloth diapering trying momma cloth. I had looked and read about how it can lighten and shorten your flow. I'm in! Sign me up! Even the thought of cleaning them out and just how yucky it might be I still wanted to try it. SO I did! I've tried it for about 2 maybe 3 cycles and leaked, and had nothign but messes! Another friend of mine said something about the Diva cup, and the thought of fishing it out totally grossed me out! She said that I needed to at least give it a try. SO I did! I started 2 days ago and the first day was light and hurt to put it in and take it out, yesterday was better. I think I really like this thing, even though I'm still not liking the fishing it out part but I can get over that if it means that I'm not leaking all over the place! I've found a site that is just for and about the diva cup, I now see why everyone is in love with this! I know it's not a topic that you just bring up with anyone or share with everyone but I wanted to be open minded and share with yall! What do yall use for your "lady time"?

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