Saturday, March 17, 2012

I love this.... Frozen yogurt melts

I saw this on pinterest and followed the blog to One good thing and just had to try it... My kids just LOVE them.on the original pin it said take any yogurt put it in a ziplock and cut the corner to make a piping bag, and make dots on wax paper and put in freezer. I did it alittle bit different... I used a go gurt instead..

here's how I did it

Put a layer of wax paper on a cookie sheet, tear off the corner of the go gurt and make dots, put in the freezer until yougurt hard... they make great little snack. I have been watching what I eat and these are great because I feel like I'm getting a treat! Next time I try this I think I'm gonna try it with Activia or one of the super lowfat yogurts. ENJOY!!! If your on Pinterest, click Pin It

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  1. I saw that on Pinterest too! Wanted to try it.
    I am following you from the Monday Mingle Blog hop :) Please follow me back!