Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What? I got it!

I'm so excited... Since January I have been watching what I eat and working out (like a mad man) I don't like to say diet, because let's be honest... when you say your on a diet within a week you've "cheated" and most likely (me anyhow) give up! I have a friend that did Weight Watchers and kinda gave me the run down on healthier choices and that it's ok to have chocolate! SIGN ME UP! LOL
Back to my post... She told me to try Lean Cuisine, I automatically thought YUCK. Well I tried it... and the first one was not bad but not a favorite. On the cover of the box it said "earn a free lunch bag" so I went to the website with the box in hand and registered, entered my code and needed to get 29 more Lean Cuisine meal to get it... My first thought was "That's alot for a lunch bag" but then thought I'm going to be eating them anyway why not see how many I get. That next week the went on sale at HEB for $1.66 and then had a coupon buy 2 get 1 free! I stocked up. Then just as I was getting low there was a sale going on at the Commissary for $1.79 so I got a few more. The deadline is coming up and I only needed 2 more to hit my 30, so I went into the freezer and what do you know... 2 left! I just got done putting them in and WOO HOO a free lunch bag is on it's way! PLUS I still have all the points I earned to spend in their catalog nevermind all the yummy lunches I got to eat! Here is a picture of my lunch bag...


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