Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Much needed blog post!

Holy crow!  It's been FAR too Long!!!! We had such a busy summer! Time to catch y'all up!!! I'll give y'all more details and lots of pics later!

Back in JUNE...

On June 13th I entered a 5K fun run in Austin, where my husbands cousin lives. We were all set to hit the road (3 hour drive) when all the sudden our car went crazy!  We hopped in my mother in laws car and hit the road... got to the run just in time and shaved 5 minutes off my time!

Time to look for a new car!

On June 28th, we again traveled to Junction for our family reunion (in our borrowed car) and had so much fun floating the river, swimming and catching up with our family.


Back to Austin... We live in a small(er) town and with having to look for a new car because ours we no longer reliable, we frove back to Austin to look for one. Found one that I loved but the husband wasn't sold so we came home with nothing.

Our visitors... My good friend Danielle had just gotten out of the air force and wanted to come visit so on July 15th she flew in for 2 weeks, that is when we traveled once again to San Antonio, and that is where we found our 2010 Chrysler town and country, fully loaded and for a great deal!!! While she was here he had some great times catching up, getting our nails done and going camping!


This summer was full of alot of travel, in August we went to DisneyWorld. We drove there on the 5th and spent 4 days in the parks only to drive home that Sunday... we were exhausted!!!!

New job! While in Disney I got a call from the superintendent from a small town close to ours asking me to come work there, after some thought and the fact the Eli was starting Pre-K out there I accepted the job.

Mom came to visit, We got to have some "girl time" and do some School shopping and she also got to see my new school that I'm working at. Her visit was way to short.

We started School on August 25th, so it was back to the ol grind... Both kids started Upward cheer and flag football and love it but practice and games we are BUSY bees!


Getting into the swing of things, We have started back to AWANA'S (church club for kiddos) so now we are CRAZY busy!

On the 20th my neightbor and some friends traveled (again) to Dallas for the Women of Faith confrence, it was amazing!


Next weekend I will be running in our %k COLOR RUN and I am so excited for it!

We are finally starting to calm down just before the holidays, I feel like I'm still playing catch up!


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