Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Weigh in Wednesday!

GOOD MORNING! It's weigh in Wednesday! I know it's been a few weeks, but with it being a new years and everyone having new goals set it's time to get back on track! I will admit that over the holidays I ate not so great... but they say that if you 'forbid' anything you'll just want it more or eat 2X as many calories avoiding it! SO, I ate it... YEP! I ate cheesecake and all the yummy cookies. I also DID workout almost 2 hours a day while I was on break so I guess that's good. Right? LOL
What are you doing this year? Did you make a new weight loss goal? Are you eating healthier? Working out more? Trying a new class?

One of my goals this year is to Run more 5Ks, I did 3 last year and want to do 1 once a month. I'm not a very good runner {I feel out of control, so I stop.} so I wanted to find something on Running. If you've never checked out SPRAKpeople you should, there is trackers, and articals all the time. I liked this one...

as far as eating {hardest part for me!} and staying on track... LOTS of fruit and veggies, and be creative! I always feel like I'm eating the same thing over and over... Change it up! Here are 50 snack ideas {because I'm always eating  snacking} Check our Running with Ollie's site for more good tips! Here's the list...

1. Grapes (try freezing them)
2. Apples slices with natural peanut butter
3. Plain Greek yogurt with blueberries
4. String cheese
5. Pistachios
6. Celery with natural peanut butter
7. Baby carrots and hummus
8. Hard boiled eggs
9. Almonds
10. Cherries (my favorite!)
11. Protein shake (mix your own)
12. Cherry tomatoes with mozzarella
13. Bananas
14. Raw veggies & salad dressing
15. Cottage cheese mixed with low sugar yogurt (trust me, it's delicious)
16. Sunflower seeds
17. Clementines (cuties!)
18. Cottage cheese plain or with berries or pineapples
19. Pineapples
20. Veggies w/ guacamole
21. Sugar snap peas
22. Lettuce tuna wraps with spicy brown mustard
23. Edamame
24. Unsweetened raisins
25. Old fashion oatmeal (add your own blueberries and cinnamon)
26. Turkey roll ups with cheese
27. Avocado and tomato on whole wheat toast
28. Air popped pop corn
29. Olives
30. All natural fiber bar
31. All natural granola
32. Pickles
33. Cashews
34. Natural peanut butter & honey on a spoon
35. Bananas
36. Orange slices
37. Kale chips
38. Natural peanut butter on whole wheat toast
39. Microwaved eggs (yes! you can do that!)
40. Cucumber slices
41. Strawberries
42. Pumpkin seeds
43. Veggie chips (look for all natural ingredients)
44. Plain yogurt & PB2 mixed
45. Protein bars (make your own!)
46. Mixed fruit salad
47. Fruit smoothie
48. All natural apple sauce
49. Fruit skewers
50. Shrimp with cocktail sauce

 Link up with me and I'll hop over to your blog and see what your doing....

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