Friday, September 24, 2010

5 Question Friday!

Thanks to My little life for the 5 question friday.... check it out here!

Now on to the questions:

1. If you could speak with a different accent, what would it be (i.e Australian, Scottish)?

I'm not sure, I want to say just about anything.... maybe a little more southern being from and in Texas I don't really sound like it!

2. Can you fall asleep anywhere? (i.e floor, couch, deck)

No, I can fall asleep on the couch sometimes but I have to be in bed for the most part... it takes me awhile to fall asleep!

3. Do you use public restrooms? If so, do you sit on the toilet?

Yes, I try to use one of the paper butt gaskets but since I have had kids I don't always have the time to get it out, put it down and then take of the pants... sometimes it's all I got to not pee my pants LOL

4. If you were stuck in an elevator for 24 hours, what celebrity would you most want to be stuck with?

I hate elevators, so I would freak! but IF I got stuck I would LOVE to be stuck with Tim McGraw..... I LOVE him!

5. Where did you & your significant other go on your 1st date?

We met up with a friend at Olive Garden, he's not a fan of it but he went!

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