Monday, September 20, 2010

Back to school night....

Tonight was Ashlyn's 1st back to school night, I got off work just so I could go! We got there just in time and watched the boys scouts present the flag and said the pledge, got the agenda by who we now know was the PTA president it had like 10 bullet points on there... I thought the whole idea of back to school night was to get and idea of what the kids are doing, getting to meet the teachers you know that kinda stuff. Not to go over what the PTA needs money wise, don't get me wrong I'm not trying to complain but I just wanted to go have Ashlyn show me around, see what they do and come back home so I can fix dinner and get kids in the bath. Anyhow, after ALL that we did get to go to her classroom and see all her stuff, her backpack hook, her cubbie, desk, name tag and say hi to the teacher. I kinda wish Ashlyn was going to the school she went to last year, we just got a WAY better vibe and everyone was so friendly but at this school... not so much!

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