Friday, January 7, 2011

Blog dare!

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I guess I'll be doing two today too! I didn't havew time to hop on yesterday!

Yesterday was

The day I found out I was pregnant.

What were you doing that led you up to purchasing/taking a pregnancy test? How did you feel? What was the day like? What stands out in your memory.

Well since I've had 2 I guess I'll start with my DD (kinda fitting because today is her birthday! I found out I was pregnant on April 30th 2004. Dustin and I have only been together a few months and I had a DR appt afew weeks before and they asked if I could be pregnant and since we weren't being preventing it I said 'well I guess there is a chance' so then Dustin was just convinced that I was, he had bought me 2 pregnancy test prior and they came up negetive. We had just moved me up to where he was living the day before we found out and if I had known I probaly wouldn't have lifted the couch! So the 3rd test I took and put it on the counter and saw a line and said "uh Dustin.... we have to wait 3 minutes?" we went out side and when we came back in it was positive! I was excited but he was scared because of his prior relationships and the kids he already had. We went to dinner that night before he had to go to work and he was in shock!

Now with DS we had been trying for almost 2 years (we had a deployment in there) and it was the day that Dustin was deploying for 3 months. I woke up at 4am because i had to pee and took the test. It was the day I was supposed to start so I thought for sure it was going to be negitive, so when it wasn't I woke Dustin up and said "I'm pregnant, you can go back to sleep!" He was excited and so was I... I got on the computer and my sister in law was on chat so I told her and my best friend!

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