Monday, December 9, 2013

Menu plan Monday {Dec.9 2013}

It's COLD!!! We had a cold front hit and it brought us some freezing rain, and got us out of school on Friday! WOO HOO! it's supposed to warm up this week but today is still cold! This is what we are doing for supper this week.

Monday- Roast potatoes and carotts
Tuesday- Doritos chicken casserole
Wednesday- Awana's
Thursday- Fish sticks/ baked cod
Friday- Chicken speghetti, salad and french bread
Saturday- Sausage, fried potatos and beans
Sunday- Beans and cornbread

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  1. I make fried potatoes at our house too. My family just loves them. Your menu reminds me I haven't made them in a while. Your menu looks delicious.